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Creative and Functional Deck Skirting Ideas

An elevated deck just isn’t complete without deck skirting, which covers the empty, unsightly space between the trim and the ground. There are many creative ways to wrap your deck, from wood paneling to faux stone. 

Deck skirts aren’t just nice to look at – we’ll also dive into some of their more practical uses, such as creating new storage opportunities and keeping pests out from underneath your deck. 

Deck Skirting Materials & Styles

The key to choosing the perfect deck skirting is to match or complement the style of your deck. Generally, that means going with the same material to create a sense of continuity from the top of the railing all the way down to the ground. 

However, many modern deck owners choose to deviate from this norm and opt for bold or contrasting skirting materials instead. At the end of the day, it’s your deck and your decision. 

1. Wood Lattice

When you imagine a deck skirt, a wooden lattice is probably the first thing that comes to your mind. The timeless, crisscrossed pattern is easily the most popular choice for wooden decks, but you can still make yours unique by playing with different patterns, colors, and textures.

2. Solid Wood

Solid wood boards are another popular deck skirting option that’s easy to customize. If you have a short deck, you can make it appear taller by installing the boards vertically. Install the boards horizontally to give the deck a more rustic feel, or incorporate lattice work between boards for a more classic look – you can get as creative as you want! 

3. Composite 

If you’re looking for a more durable alternative to wood, you can use composite or vinyl boards for your deck skirting instead – the white deck skirting pictured above is made from composite Trex decking. 

4. Faux Stone

If you’re looking for complete coverage, faux stone is a versatile material available in a variety of colors. And because it’s not made from real rock, it’s less expensive and easier to install than brick. To give your deck an even more natural and earthy look, incorporate real stones into the landscaping around the deck skirt. 

5. Brick

If your home has brick siding, a brick deck skirt of the same color and texture will create a seamless look. Warm and earthy, brick also goes great with greenery. The only downside? Installing brick is more difficult than wood or faux stone – you may need the help of a mason to bring your vision to life.

For a more subtle (and less expensive) look, you can combine brick elements with a wooden lattice.

6. Shrubs and Plants

Planting shrubs, flowers, and other plants around your deck is a simple yet effective way to cover empty spaces – no skirting required. Just keep in mind that foliage is not going to stop racoons, opossums, and other critters from getting underneath your deck and making themselves comfortable.

7. Metal

Metal is a less common but practical deck skirting material that can be used to create a very cool industrial aesthetic. Sheet metal is easy to cut into sections and install – just don’t forget to include ventilation holes. Metal mesh offers a more traditional look, with a diamond pattern resembling lattice, and provides better airflow. 

If you decide to go with metal, make sure you choose one that’s rust-resistant, like stainless steel or galvanized metal.


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