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Advantages of Metal Fencing

Putting a fence around the perimeter of your property will allow you to bring your own stylistic flourishes to the residence. Metal fencing, in fact, offers a wide range of benefits to homeowners. When installed by us that has an excellent track record, you can expect your property to become the jewel of the neighborhood. Here are some particular advantages that metal fencing provides.


Visual Contrast with Surrounding Decor

A metal fence in Katy, TX and Houston is particularly advantageous because it is visually appealing with any home design. Aluminum, iron and steel are all lovely options in more urban and rural settings where gardens and green areas are the norm. The darker metallic finishes associated with these kinds of fences will also look elegant against light-colored porches, decks or swimming pool landings. Ornamental fences often feature extra elegance that will give the entire property a Victorian feel. In nearly all instances, well-crafted fences may even increase the value of the property should you eventually wish to place it on the open market.

Rigorous Durability

Metal fences will also typically last longer than wooden fences, which can degrade faster under adverse weather conditions. Professionally built fences will not lose their luster, which means the metal itself will continue to be radiant for many more years. Metal fences are designed to not need maintenance and remain free of rust. Unlike wooden fences, metallic fences will not need to be periodically stained, sealed or repainted. They will likewise be free of infestation by various insects, especially termites, which might potentially feast on wooden posts that extend deep into the ground. Metallic fences will also not warp, which will allow them to maintain their rigid, stately appearance without bowing to one side or the other.

Crime Deterrence

A professionally installed metal fence can also serve as an effective deterrent against crime. In fact, the individual rails can be made very tall and capped with narrow points, which will make it very hard to climb over them. Metal fences can also be tied into electronic gates and other security systems so that potential criminals will be kept off the property. Many gates come with password-protected security codes that will make it difficult for anyone other than the homeowner to actually access the property. Many of the pointed barbs can also serve as elegant ornamental features that would not be out of place near grand garden fountains or tall trees.


Steel and aluminum are both valuable metals that are used in many different industries. If you ever decide to make changes to your property, the metal in your fence can be completely recycled. In effect, you will be helping the environment when you choose a metallic fence over a wooden one. The powder coating minerals that are used to maximize the durability of the metal will not adversely affect the recycling process. A qualified Houston fence contractor can add powder coating to aluminum fencing to create black, white, green or even bronze finishes.

Pure Versatility

Metal fences also allow for a fair amount of versatility. You will be able to have input with regards to the size, shape and style of the fence. While ornamental fences will cost a bit more than basic metal fencing, you will be able to get price quotes beforehand so you know what options work best with your budget.

With a beautiful metal fence in The Houston Tx, & Katy TX, you will be quite pleased with the way a metal fence style and security to your residence. With an eye toward durability and aesthetic value, you will turn your property into the jewel of the neighborhood.


In the event that your fencing has been harmed from weighty downpours, wind, or a mishap, reach out to us today. We offer proficient fence repairs for both private and business customers. Furthermore, we are free all day, every day for your benefit. We here to safeguard your property when you want it most!

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High quality workmanship! Diligent with quote and then working with our moving timeline. Great crew who were respectful of our home and overall worksite. Appreciated the final walk around and inspection as well as willingness to return for a couple of tweaks. Highly recommend this company. Exceeded our expectations.

Beth Segars Ewing Webster, TX

Mustang Fencing did an amazing job!!! I have a very tricky driveway… with a 13′ gate… I’m so impressed! And you should feel how easy the gates open!!! I don’t think Ernest, Robert, and team have ever had a happier customer!!!

Tami Clark Montgomery, TX

Hi Kenny. I just wanted to write and let you know I absolutely love my fence. I was hesitant to go with your company because you were the highest price, but I’m so glad I did. It looks incredible and Tyler did an awesome job. He built it exactly as you planned it to be built. Thank you!

Diana Fortuna Houston, TX

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